Company History

Green Acres has been designing, installing and maintaining landscapes in the Anchorage area for over 20 years. Our influence can be recognized in most Anchorage-area neighborhoods, and our commitment to providing ongoing support has led to relationships with our customers that have endured since our founding.  

Green Acres has been featured in numerous Alaska publications such as Alaska Home Magazine, The Anchorage Daily News (Platinum Award for Landscaping), The Alaska Journal of Commerce, Gardens North (Alaska Botanical Garden), and Channel 2 News, among others.

Our Landscaping Teams

Green Acres is staffed with seasoned professionals who have chosen landscaping as their career. We are dedicated to the continuing advancement of the landscaping industry standards, and we participate in ongoing educational and training opportunities for all of our staff.  

We have a very low turnover rate, with the majority of our employees having over six years of experience with Green Acres. This ensures that the landscaping professionals working your project are knowledgeable, efficient and committed to the high standards that Green Acres has become known for. 

Konstantin (Gus) Gaskov

Owner and Landscape Designer

Gus emigrated from Russia to the United States in 1990. In Russia, he and his brother founded the first private landscaping company in the Soviet Union, doing public works between 1986 and 1990. A year after his arrival in the U.S., he established Green Acres.  Gus is a member of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers and has developed a respected reputation for his years of design work in the Anchorage community. In his free time, Gus continues to pursue his passion for cross country skiing, a sport he competed in at a high level for the Russian ski team. 

Jon Cobb

Associate and Landscape Designer

Jon has been designing and installing landscapes in Alaska since 2001. He has a degree in biology and is a certified Master Gardener, ISA Certified Arborist and has shared his knowledge on water features as a guest lecturer at numerous Alaska garden conferences. When he isn't working in the dirt, Jon can be found climbing ice or skiing in Alaska, or surfing a wave in warm waters somewhere in the world.

Konstantin Gaskov

Landscape Maintenance Manager

Konstantin, who came to Alaska in 2002 to join Green Acres, is a certified Master Gardener and aquascape installer, providing technical consultations on all types of water features and landscape maintenance needs. He enjoys spending time with his young family and outdoor recreation.

Sergei Krutakov

Trucking and Shop Supervisor

Sergei is quite literally the person who keeps Green Acres running. He is in charge of organizing and maintaining yard space, materials inventory, deliveries to clients and job sites, and all hydroseeding services. He is a part of every Green Acres project and brings a friendly and courteous attitude everywhere he goes.