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Green Acres has become an Alaskan authority in the field of Aquascaping. We have been designing and building water features in Alaska since 2003, and our experienced designers and crews have attended national Aquascape training classes and conventions in California, Colorado, and Illinois. When the Alaska Zoo needed a new and natural look for their River Otter exhibit they came to Green Acres for the design and installation. We helped the Bradley House increase the outdoor enjoyment of their summer guest by designing and installing cascading waterfalls, and a steam that meanders to a large pond complete with fish. All of this serves as an enchanted backdrop to there dinning patio and Green Acres installed putting green. Our residential projects have ranged from small Koi ponds for those that have brought their love of fish and water gardening north with them to Alaska to grand estates with multiple ponds, waterfalls, and steams whose natural melodic sounds and sparkling beauty accompany the observer throughout the grounds.

The creation of a water feature is an artistry that truly plays on all the senses. The shape and arrangement of each rock in a waterfall and fast moving stream can be manipulated for sound and visual effect. Our custom approach to design assures that the finished product will make it seem that Mother Nature had your satisfaction in mind. We've had clients that wanted to observe the waterfalls and shimmering ripples expanding out across the pond from a deck or patio, others from a kitchen window or sitting room. We've directed an aquatic symphony to a bedroom window, or turned up the volume on a waterfall to drown out the noise of traffic. Some waterfalls can be delicate and complex sculptures others must be designed for the enjoyment of children and pets. A stream and pond can be a learning center for children and we've created landscapes to help homeowners become Backyard Habitat Certified by the National Wildlife Federation.  At Green Acres our experience and training give us a broad pallet to draw from in creating a landscape that reflects your personal needs and desires.


For your information and budgeting, the following is a sample of a pricing schedule with a description of the features included:

Pond No. Size Up To Sq. Feet Approx Gallons Price
1 6x8x1.5
60 500 $6,500
2 8x11x1.5
96 800 $7,900
3 10x14x2.0
140 1400 $9,000
4 11x16x2.0
192 1900 $9,500
5 14x18x2.5
252 2500 $12,000
6 16x21x2.5
320 3100 $14,000

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Question: Does water gardening involve a lot of hard work?

Answer: Not necessarily. A well-designed, ecologically-balanced pond is about as much work as maintaining an established perennial border, minus the weeding and watering. Aquatic plants water themselves. A five-minute, weekly cleaning of the filter and an occasional addition of AquaClearer, Clear Away, or EcoSystems Barley Pellets, along with an annual spring clean-out are all that you'll need to worry about.

Question: I just had a new pond install and now the water is green! What do I do?

Answer: Nothing your pond is still in the process of establishing a balanced and health ecosystem. Often the Algae will grow and bloom before the bacteria have a chance to establish themselves. In Alaska we often see the algael bloom occur around the second week after the pond installation, and about a week later the bacteria populations increase enough to begin to feed on the algae and clear the water. Your pond will repeat this process every spring as the algae will become active before the algae.Winter Water Fall

Question: Are water features breeding grounds for mosquitoes?

Answer: Mosquitoes breed in still, standing water. A well-designed backyard water garden has moving water, in which mosquitoes don't like to breed. If you still think mosquitoes will be a problem in your pond you can always try NurseryPro's Pre-Strike, which is a natural bacteria control designed to help minimize mosquito larvae.

Question: Is it a pain to shut down and prepare your pond for the winter?

Answer: The preparation required does not consume a lot of time and certainly doesn't threaten to take over your entire weekend. You simply unplug the pump and disconnect it from the piping, letting the water from the falls and plumbing drain back into the pond. The pump should then be stored in a tub of water to keep the seals moist in an above freezing environment. That is it! If you have fish and/or aquatic plants special considerations should be made. At Green Acres we provide a free winterization and spring start up and cleaning for the first year of all our pond installations.


Call us for all of your pond maintenance, troubleshooting and care needs. We have a dedicated maintenance crew with over 5 years of aquascaping experience.

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