Patios, Pathways & Stairs

Design Features

A patio creates a space for outdoor living. It may be an area next to your back door used for entertaining guest and grilling or a secluded corner of your property used for quiet reflection. The intended use of the patio and how it will fit into the overall landscape design will help to determine the size, shape, and material of a patio. It is important to create a harmony within the landscape, in which each feature flows into the next and the patio is no exception. This is why each patio we build is a unique creation, often involving many detailed cuts and patterns.

Materials and Products

The materials to choose from are nearly limitless. Our landscape designers will work with you to choose a material that matches the overall design, whether it is a natural wooded glen or a formal garden. The use of the patio and anticipated traffic demands must also be considered. The experienced crews at Green Acres are used to using a variety of products and materials to meet the needs of our customers. We have used stones hand selected by a homeowner, and even shipped bricks to Alaska from Outside to match the aged European design of another client. Below we have listed some of our most commonly used patio products.



Aggregate Plate

Installation Specs

As with many things in this world, the external beauty of a patio will be fleeting if the proper care was not given to what lies underneath. At Green Acres we are experienced with the local soil types and how those soils will be influenced by our harsh Alaskan environment. We take the measures required to ensure that our installations will withstand the tests of time. Our minimum site preparation includes a soil membrane to separate the native soils from our Non-Frost Susceptible (NFS) backfills. These backfills include 1' of NFS gravel, 2" of an NFS aggregate for surface leveling, and 1" of Mason Sand. Deeper excavation and backfill may be required for places with poor native soils and/or heavy traffic areas such as driveways.

Below is a sample cross section of our minimum subsurface preparation:

Installation Specs


Due to the many variables involved with patio installations such as subsurface preparation and products, the price of installation may very. However a typical installation price including all material may range from $18-$25 per square ft. If additional excavation and NFS gravels are required you may expect an additional $1 per square ft. for each additional foot of depth.

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