Landscape Design

Some landscapes linger in the mind: a cottage garden glimpsed while passing by; an inspiring park with gentle waterfalls and a quiet pond you like to visit; a road median bed riotous with blooms. All of these increase our sense of well being and all result from thoughtful landscape design. Landscape design is practical as well. It increases property values. It creates the first impression visitors have of the home or business. It can provide privacy or security. Outdoor terraces and patios extend seasons. Ponds, streams and waterfalls provide relaxing getaways with tranquil background sounds. Designer selected plantings improve a property with a rich palette of beauty, color, texture and form. Good landscaping welcomes, accenting or complementing a home's architecture. A well designed landscape integrates a structure with its surroundings and lifts your spirits.

Why should I hire a professional designer?

A professional landscape designer translates your dreams into reality using education, advanced training, and hands-on experience. The ability to interpret your desires is fundamental and the landscape designer encourages your involvement. After listening to your ideas and priorities, the designer analyzes your site's character, strengths, and problems, then may draw a plan for installation which can begin immediately or be implemented over time.

How do landscape designers work?

At GREEN ACRES we offer services on a design/build and design-only bases. When considering a prospective landscape designer either from our organization or another, review actual plans and photos of completed projects to understand the process and the designer's work. Ask for references from past clients and visit some of the designer's projects to see completed work firsthand. You purchase a landscape designer's consultation time and, if you choose, your project's design plan. The plan details types and quantities of recommended plants; it defines and describes "hardscape" construction areas: retaining walls, terraces, patios, pathways and some accessories, like fireplaces or outdoor furniture. We offer directions for plant care and yard maintenance as well. The landscape designer integrates all facets of the green industry while creating a landscape and may collaborate with other professionals.

What will it cost?

A designer's consultation time is billed by the hour - our current rate is $75.00/hr. First time consultation visit lasts 1-3 hrs and is not billed to the customer. Based on information exchanged during this visit, a designer will be able to give you either an approximate estimate of additional time that may be necessary, or a quote on an actual landscape plan if you request. If no additional design work is necessary after the first consultation you may receive a quote for the installation of your project by our crews. The estimate time: measuring, referencing, calculating and write up may take an additional 1 to 2 hrs and is free of charge. If you like the design, but want to have other contractors provide you with competitive quotes based on our design, you may purchase a complete plan from us, the costs may range from $500.00 - $2000.00. This service includes manually drawn plans and may take from 2 days to two weeks to complete. A CAD based landscape plan in complete detail to scale with all plant and hardscape material references may cost from $2000.00 to $5000.00 and may take from a week to two months to complete. Most CAD based designs are ordered a season in advance. At the completion of each design the customer will be provided with a quote for the installation by GREEN ACRES. If you choose to hire our crews for installation, you will not be charged for the plan development (if you had CAD based plan created for you, 1/2 of that fee will be credited to the project).

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